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What is CGI scripts?
Posted by Mike Kohli on 04 March 2013 04:09 PM

What is CGI scripts

CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface", and it comes in the form of scripts that can be used on your site to add interactivity, and keep your visitors from getting bored. 

We all know, as net marketers, that one of the most important tasks, in order to succeed, is to gather as much information as you can from your visitors, then you can determine who are the potential prospects and who the happy surfers. 

Let alone your need to collect as many opt-in E mail addresses as you can, which were described by many experienced marketers as the Golden Nuggets. 

Did you ever wonder then, how can you do that? I bet you have. 

Well, CGI scripts are the efficient tool that will help you achieve this goal. By using simple web forms visitors can communicate their info and ideas with you, submit their E mail addresses for the purpose specified on your site, request more information, fill out surveys, or join contests, etc. 

Simple CGI scripts are used to do this. 

You can also set up a classified ad system, FFA ink pages, discussion forum, chat room, guestbook, or even a shopping cart on your web site. Or maybe you want to sell banner ads and need a way to track impressions. All of this is easily done with CGI scripts. . 

Sounds great, right? 

# Available for free: 

Now you must be wondering, How am I going to create such scripts? I am not a programmer. Hear this, you don`t need to learn how to create your own

CGI scripts
. There are thousands of scripts to do everything mentioned above, and lots more, available for free. You just need to learn how to set them up on your site. . 

Most of the scripts come with instructions on how to set them up on your site, and if you still have a problem, you can seek the help of the tech support team of your web host, they should know what to do. 

# A final note: 

Why not consider learning the basics of
 CGI scripts and create you own? If you really have the time and the desire, you can tailor scripts to answer your own specific needs, you can also sell the scripts and make good revenue when you advance in the process. If you consider this idea, check this site, it has loads of documentation and scripts as well, many are free or reasonably priced. 

Don`t delay it another day, start using CGI scripts and you will notice the difference in your site traffic and the overall success of your business.

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