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What is Domain Registry? Registrar? Registrant?
Posted by Mike Kohli on 24 February 2013 05:29 PM

What is Domain Registry? Registrar? Registrant?

Registrar: A "Registrar" (or "Domain Name Registrar") is an organization like Network Solutions that has control over the granting of domains within certain TLDs (top level domains, like the generic .com/.org/.net or country-specific .ca/.us/.mx etc.).

Registry: The 'Registry' is the backend that registrar's have shared access to. Each registrar writes new names to a central registry database, from which the authoritative root (essentially, a table of all domain names on the Internet) is built.

Registrant: A registrant is the person or company who purchases a domain name. For example, Megrisoft (registrant) registers the name through Directi (registrar) who in turn writes the name to the central database (Registry).

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